Jordan Davis, Dominating Too Much as a Defensive Lineman, Took on Running Back and Band Director Duties for UGA

If you haven’t been introduced to Jordan Davis yet this season, you certainly will be in the weeks to come. Davis has anchored Georgia’s terrifying defense all season and if the Heisman Trophy were to actually be given to the *best* player in college football regardless of position, it should probably go to him.

But apparently he has gotten bored with just kicking ass on the defensive line, so he took on a couple more roles in UGA’s 56-7 win over Charleston Southern. First, he successfully lobbied to become a 6’6, 340-pound running back and score the Dawgs’ first touchdown of the day. I can’t imagine the fear in the eyes of those poor FCS defenders looking at that in the backfield.

Then, unsatisfied with just adding a rushing score to his season résumé, Davis conducted the band after Georgia moved to 11-0 on the year. Because why the hell not?

The fact he can go from being the scariest defensive player in the country to a happy-go-lucky band director actually makes him all the more terrifying. Wise men fear three things: the sea in a storm, a night with no moon and the anger of a gentle man.

It sucks he has to play for UGA, but Davis is a delight to watch if you simply enjoy guys kicking ass on the gridiron.