Ancient Artifacts or Rocks?

Yeah, so I do certain activities on Saturday mornings to ensure I can just watch football for the rest of the day. Antiquing is one of them. Well, today I stumbled upon these rocks in an antique store and no one knew what they were. Maybe I have been consuming too much Gary Vee content but I bought the rocks for $20 because worse comes to worst I bought rocks and the internet makes fun of me for buying rocks. Best case? I stumbled on some museum-quality artifacts. 

Now hear me out, if you look closely at the rocks you can tell they were buried at some point, it could be a crafty fake but the way they are carved remind me a lot of Easter Island. Whoever carved the rocks either knew how to fake that aesthetic, or they might be related somehow. 


Now that I am thinking about it these rocks may absolutely be cursed. The downside of buying these rocks has just gone from a waste of $20 and the internet making fun of me to a waste of $20 and some sort of curse by possessing them. 

All I'm saying is that I know a little bit about rocks and the rocks seem like some type of igneous rocks that are volcanic. Meaning wherever they are from there are volcanoes.

I really hope some random archaeologist sees this blog and is like "Bro hmu you got serious rocks on your hands" and I sell them to a museum. Or they end up on my desk and I just own some pretty badass rocks. 

The rocks kinda look like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson if you peep the jawline. That alone is worth the $20.