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The New Warzone Map 'Caldera' Is Delayed One Week And The Gaming Community Isn't Happy About It

Pain. All I know is Pain. 

I've had December 2nd marked in my calendar since the rumors began swirling about the new map 'Caldera' coming to Warzone. And now, Activision has decided to delay the integration until December 8th and the gaming community isn't happy about it.

However, there's 2 sides to every story and Facebook streamer JaredFPS sums it up well:

Now this is where I'm torn. I ALWAYS favor a delay if the released final product doesn't have any kinks or issues. The best and most recent example would be if Cyberpunk decided to delay their game until the game was fully ready. I haven't seen a game so incredibly hyped up with a bigger flop than Cyberpunk. The game simply wasn't ready to be released and overall, it became a meme in the gaming community.

Now, I don't think we'll have a Cyberpunk situation on our hands, but I don't love how seemingly every gaming announcement these days come with a built-in delay expected. My hope is that Caldera will drop and be a fully function map, so I do think this delay is worth it in the end.

There is one MASSIVE benefit to the delay though…

Operation get Hank Lockwood a Solo Win is still underway and we've been blessed with another week.