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Units See The World and Pet Real Live Dolphins

Welp, it was about that time again for the Units to hit the open road. This time, we went back to my old stomping grounds, the great republic of Florida. We spent a weekend in Miami where Frank saw his first Dolphins home game, a win against Houston, and we tried original Cuban sandwiches along with some raw dogs of course. Before leaving Florida, we had one more bucket list item for Frank we had to check off: See an actual real life dolphin. I could write a long drawn out description of our trip to Sea World, but as our fellow Unit, Kevin Malone, would say, why waste time say lot word when video do trick!

And of course, we had to stop at Buc-ee's to finish out the road trip. If you've never been, check out the video below and find your nearest one. The Units will be back on the road real soon. Until next time!