Coach Cal Took Bob Huggins And Stuffed Him Directly In A Locker After Huggy Took A Shot At Oscar Tshiebwe

Coach Cal and Bob Huggins are friends, long time friends even. So when Huggy took a shot at big Oscar saying he didn't work hard at WVU and then left because of it, you knew Cal was going to respond. It seemed like a dumb thing to say considering Oscar leads the country in rebounding, works his ass off every game and has developed a jumper. Then again when you're WVU and getting mocked by this dude at the free throw line, you probably want to deflect attention. 

I don't know, maybe, MAYBE, don't try to play Oscar at the 4 in college? Just a hunch here because that's what WVU tried to do and play him next to Derek Culver. Give the guy a little space. It's also just peak Huggins. Look at this quote (h/t DA Online)

“We have 14 guys and they all want to play. You’re going to have a little bit of unrest because they want to play,” Huggins said on a postgame radio show. “I also understand too, at least when I was growing up in the United States of America, you had to work for what you got. That’s kind of gone now.”

“That’s the way it used to be and that’s the way its going to be as long as I am head ball coach here,” Huggins said. “They’re going to earn their stripes so to speak. If they don’t like it, go ahead and transfer.”

As Huggins mentioned players transferring, he talked about the departure of former West Virginia forward and McDonald’s All-American Oscar Tshiebwe transferring last December.

“We lost an alleged McDonald’s All-American because he didn’t like the fact that we were making him do things that were hard,” Huggins said. “So, we’re fine.”

It's very much old man screaming at the clouds. The whole 'back in my day' bullshit is overplayed. Sure, if Oscar wasn't putting up ridiculous numbers you could say it. But I wouldn't say 'you're fine.' You're a bubble team. 

I'll take Oscar 100 out of 100 times. Thanks for him, Huggy. Quality friend.