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We Had A Mike Francesa Vs. Noah Syndergaard Beef Flare Up On Twitter And It Ended With Mike Dropping The Hammer On Thor This Morning

So this went down yesterday afternoon and it made me smile. Sure it was just a couple of people talking shit from behind their cell phones, but it reminded me of a purer time on Twitter when a beef wasn't about quote tweeting someone you didn't like back and forth or hoping someone that says Ratio gets a bunch of likes in their mentions. 

Numbah One took a shot at Thor and Thor responded in kind. As someone that rooted for both these guys, I will say that neither was wrong with what they said. It was not quite as fun as if they duked it out on live radio, but dueling in 220 characters online definitely evened things up since Mike was damn near undefeated in the audio arena.

However as a wise titan once said, Thor should have gone for the head because Mike came over the top with a response at 6:01 AM ET, which is a time Noah definitely wouldn't be awake at regardless of what coast he is on.

THAT'S why you don't mess with a guy that ruled the city you just left since before you were born. Noah had a nice beginning to his career and a cool nickname. But his biggest moment in New York was telling the Royals to meet him on the mound 60 feet and 6 inches away from the plate after a World Series game which resulted in them going to said mound then taking this picture with the piece of metal (Rob Manfred's words) you get for winning the World Series.

Meanwhile, Mike collected all of the Infinity Stones of New York sports that turned him into the dominant force in the city for decades. Resumes. Longevity. Ratings. Paychecks. Mink Man. 

Put them all together and you get a guy that nevuh lawst taking down a guy who never won. Noah can fire back all he wants, but unless he comes back to New York and dominates the industry (please God not with the Yankees), Mike gets the W for spitting nothing but facts as both of these titans slowly disappear into dust in the New York sports landscape. 

I just hope taking the L in this Twitter beef doesn't result in Noah looking like me five years later because he won't be getting that big pay day unless Big Sexy teaches him how to pitch with that extra LBs.

UPDATE: Noah strikes back!

Say what you want about these two guys, but they haven't told a lie yet. And based on everything I know about them, I don't see this ending anytime soon.

 That being said, if you like people talking shit over sports, you better get in on this bet today. Even if you aren't a soccer fan, it's going to be a blast.

Now THAT is how you market the Barstool Sportsbook!