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Derek Jeter Does Not Give a Fuck What Carlos Correa Has To Say About Him

A lion doesn't care about the opinion of sheep. Earlier this week Carlos Correa outta nowhere said that Derek Jeter didn't deserve any of the 5 gold gloves that he won in his career. Regardless if you agree or not, why the fuck is he saying anything about Derek Jeter? Well, The Captain was asked about the clip and he responded in the most Derek Jeter way possible.  

Jeets has no time for what Carlos Correa has to say. Dude is such a fucking boss in everything he does it's so impressive. If you could draw up the perfect way to respond to Correa this was it. The Captain hasn't lost a step when it comes to handling the media. Even ending it by saying he could go a lot of different ways with that, implying Correa couldn't hold his jockstrap and had to cheat to win his only title was perfect. He says so much without really saying anything at all. I fucking love that man and wish desperately that any of the guys on the current squad had an ounce of his DNA. They simply don't. 

That all being said I stand by what I said initially. I knew Correa was an asshole before, and this didn't change that even if it was that far outta left field. If you don't want him on your team because he's a prick then you gotta get over that quick. If he signs elsewhere I'll proceed to hate his guts until he retires don't get me wrong, but if he's in pinstripes he'll improve the team as a whole greatly. That's all I give a damn about at this point. Feelings mean nothing to me anymore, just fucking win for christ's sake. Jeter forever though. One of the very few people I'd actually die for. 

P.S. You can firmly cross Miami off Correa's potential destinations.