Introducing The Newest Face of Grizzly Wintergreen

It's actually against the law for Grizzly or Skoal or really any tobacco brand to sponsor Dave Williams and while I know that has public health interest at mind, you can't deny that kinda sucks. One look at WSD here and you know there's sponsorship dollars left on the table. The rugged every man that needs a soft buzz after a big lunch at Taco Bell. The kinda face that does 7 hours in a Ford Explorer without having to pull over once to piss. A man who can turn nearly any cylindrical object into a recyclable spitter. That's the kinda guy that needs to be promoting chewing tobacco in this country and it's fucking bullshit our federal legislature won't let it happen. Somebody somewhere is doing capitalism a disservice. There may be no better ambassador for any consumer facing product. Damn shame. 

Fortunately I know this won't impact Dave's access to dip today. There were some hesitations if it was a deer trip and you'd have to be in the stand. Or something exotic that could sense the scent and throw off the whole hunt, That would be a terrible situation so luck enough they're hunting duck. I think the rules are more relaxed with poultry. I'm not sure because I've never gone hunting. Too busy filling out spreadsheets and running simulations. Follow me on twitter if you don't get that joke. 


And follow all our shit regardless. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about next week when the boys return from their quest. Story time should be electric. 

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