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We Have Our Annual Mark Stoops Is Leaving Kentucky Rumor And It's Making Me Sick

[KSR] - To open the second hour of Kentucky Sports Radio on Friday, Jones broke the news that Stoops had been contacted for the job. If offered, it would be one the Kentucky head coach would “seriously consider.”

“Mark Stoops has been contacted via a third party for the LSU job,” Jones reported. “… I think there are — and I speak about this not with complete knowledge, but some knowledge — there are probably seven jobs or less that I think Mark Stoops would seriously consider leaving here for. I think LSU is one of those seven.”

As things stand now, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward may favor O’Brien — among other options — over Stoops.

“I got a second message that says there is at least one other person in the fold, and the AD might even like that person more. That person is Bill O’Brien,” Jones said. “So (Stoops) may not even get offered the job. If LSU were to decide Stoops was their guy, it will be worth sweating about.”

I've blogged, tweeted, screamed, politely talked, etc all about how much I love Mark Stoops. He's turned this program around. Say what you want, but Kentucky is a legit program now. He's out here with a chance to win 10 games for a second time. That's not normal at Kentucky. He's going to a bowl game for 6th time in a row. He's going to have a winning record for 5th time in 6 years. None of this is normal at Kentucky football, except with Stoops. 

And now we have potential LSU rumors. I'm sure we'll hear more pop up too. But the LSU one scares me. We're talking about LSU. It's an elite program. You win titles at LSU. It's in the SEC and I hate it. Mark Stoops is made to coach Kentucky. We've embraced running and the Big Blue Wall. We've embraced defense and the guys he sends to the pros on that side. We're doing it a different way than the majority of good programs. 

It's easy to look at his overall record and shrug it off. Mind you he had a COMPLETE rebuild. Joker Phillips left this program as a disaster and Stoops had to build it up. Now, we're here. A win against New Mexico State and the over hits on the win season total. 

Personally? I think he'd be a fool to take LSU *I say this as I fight back anger at the thought of him leaving.* He's a god at Kentucky. He can win 8 games every year and we'd be incredibly happy. LSU that gets you fired. Come on LSU, do the smart thing. Hire Bill O'Brien. He has NFL experience! What more could you ask for? This is not the news I needed to hear on a Friday.