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Every New Steph Curry Stat You See Is Somehow More Ridiculous Than The Last

Jason Miller. Getty Images.

Steph Curry man. This dude did it again. I feel like I've written this same blog about 5 times already through the first 15 games but I can't help it. As long as Steph is going to do ridiculous shit on the basketball court I'm going to talk about it and business is booming. It's every goddamn night. When he goes out and has a night that basically nobody has done in NBA history you think OK wow that was cool, I wonder when we'll see that happen again. Then Curry goes out and does it again the very next night. What a monster. 

One of my favorite things after watching Steph go nuclear is immediately going to the timeline and seeing all the insane stat tweets that follow. Every single one breaks your brain and helps put into perspective just how ridiculous of a talent we are all watching. We all know he's the greatest shooter to ever walk the earth, but there's something about seeing his greatness laid out in numbers that amplifies it for me. Here's a sample of what we got

Those are all fine and good, each being rather impressive. But the #1 stat for me last night comes from what Steph did in the fourth quarter, where the Warriors whooped the Cavs 36-8 (!!!!!!!) to seal the win. 

Read that tweet again! In a 12 minute span, Steph either scored or assisted on 33 straight points. The Warriors finished that quarter with 36. He had 20 of his 40 in that quarter but controlled way more than just the scoring. That's what makes Steph so terrifying. He's leading the league in scoring but he's not a selfish player by any means. He'll pass and create for others without a complaint. He commands so much attention as a shooter/scorer that I don't really know what you do as a defense. If you don't guard him 35 feet out, he's draining that shit in your eyeball. If you play into him, he'll just use his handle and superb passing ability to find opportunities for others. He's arguably one of the few truly unguardable players in the league. It's like him, Giannis, LeBron, and KD. 

I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but we're essentially witnessing a season from Curry that pretty much matches the year he was the unanimous MVP. It's early, but see for yourself

2015-16: 34.2 minutes / 30.1 points / 5.4 rebounds / 6.7 assists / 2.1 steals / 50% FG / 45% 3P% with 5.1 3PM

2021-22: 33.7minutes / 29.5 points / 5.5 rebounds / 6.5 assists / 1.7 steals / 46% FG / 42% 3P% with 5.7 3PM

Let me ask you, do you think his shooting splits are going to continue to improve after a "slow" start? I do. Just like in 2015-16, Steph leads the league in scoring. My guess is before it's all said and done he'll once again be having a 50/40/90 season just like he did that MVP year. As we know, that Warriors team went 73-9. While I think it's a little crazy to suggest that will happen again, I will say the Warriors are currently on a 70 win pace. It might be unlikely, but you certainly can't rule it out if this is the version of Steph we're going to get. Watching the Warriors play, their style, their energy, their defense, all resemble that 2015-16 team.

I'm at the point where there is no stat I could see after one of these Steph nuclear performances that would shock me. Someone could make up something outrageous and I would blindly believe it. The real stats are mind-numbing enough, we're at the point where every single second of Steph's 2021-22 season is a must watch scenario. What a run.