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Conspiracy Time: Why Kim K & Pete Davidson are PRETENDING To Be Dating


There is no way Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are OFFICIALLY dating. Do I think they could be thing? Yes. Do I think they could be casually hooking up? Absolutely. BUT do I think they are officially dating? NOPE. 

Last night every major entertainment news outlets (except ME) ran the story that Kim and Pete are officially dating. But if you read the articles there is no actual proof, besides a NO named source telling the news outlets this information and a picture of them holding hands. Now if you ask me, do you really think Kim K. is going to announce the biggest news of 2021 like this?! THERE IS NO WAY. The Kardashians are way too smart and never do things in small ways. Also, if you look at the pictures and video that were released, Pete and Kim hold hands for 0.00001 seconds and then drop their hands. Kind of like they knew someone was taking a picture....



Now you might be asking what is going on...well I have 2 conspiracies of why there is a picture of them holding hands and why a source told the news outlets they are official. 

Conspiracy #1: Promoting Kim's Skims new Unisex line. If you didn't know, Skims is coming out with a Unisex line and Pete has been wearing it in multiple pictures. First, in the Flavor Flav insta post and now in the picture of them holding hands. Also, if you look at all of the pictures, it looks like the 2 were at a Skims shoot. Multiple people were there, Kim and Pete were both wearing skims and they were unloading boxes from the car. 



Conspiracy #2: Now this is a long shot but hear me out. The Kardashians want people to forget about Travis Scott and the Astroworld tragedy and what better way to do that then distract the world with a fake relationship like this one! 

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