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10 Movies & 3 Shows You Should Stream



1. Red Notice - Netflix: Is it a great movie? No. Is it a good movie? Debatable. But it is undeniably entertaining and has some good laughs along the way. 

2. Tick, Tick….Boom! - Netflix: This is a new movie about the guy who created the musical RENT. It's directed by Lin Manuel Miranda, and stars one of the sneaky better actors in Hollywood, Andrew Garfield. If theater isn't your thing, feel free to pass on it. But it's a pretty damn good movie and has some great performances. 

3. King Richard- HBO Max: This is the new movie about Richard Williams, father of the Williams twins. It's got Will Smith in a return to good acting, and I think this will go down as probably his best rated movie in the last two decades. As a person who doesn not pay much attention to tennis, I was still crazy interested in this movie. 

4. Best In Show - HBO Max: In my mind, this is a comedy classic. It's extremely funny and a perfect example of every member of a cast understanding the assignment, so to speak. 

5. Jurassic Park - HBO Max: Another classic that is always worth a rewatch. Never let the world forget that Trillballins told us he walked out of Jurassic World thinking it was better than Jurassic Park. I'd also recommend watching 'The Movies That made Us' episode on the making of it on Netflix. 

6. Sonic the Hedgehog - Hulu: I unabashedly enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It's fun, it's got jokes, and I liked the performances across the board. I remember watching the trailer and thinking it was going to be the biggest hunk of shit to ever be made, which makes its success even more impressive to me. 

7. Crazy Heart - Hulu: This got plenty of critical love, but it needs way more appreciation from the general public. Jeff Bridges acts out of his mind, and if you like music this is must watch.  

8. Baseketball - Prime Video: One of the many examples of Stone & Parkers brilliance. Raunchy, funny and really easy to watch. 

9. Unhinged - Prime Video: This movie dropped in the middle of COVID and didn't get a ton of love. Personally, I dug it way more than I thought I would. Crowe plays a great psychopath and Caren Pistorius was a perfect Johnny Everyman

10. Knives Out - Prime Video: We just interviewed Don Johnson, and I had to rewatch this movie right when I got home. The pefect modern Whodunnit.


1. Cowboy Bebop(Live Action) - Netflix: I just started this with very tempered expectations. The reviews were shitty and I was already hesitant about one of my favorite animes being turned live action. However, I'm kind of digging it so far 3 episodes deep.If you never watched the anime, this will just be a brand new space western for you to watch. 

2. The Wheel of Time - Prime Video: I haven't had time to start this yet, but it is a brand new series based on a book that I've seen described as the original Game of Thrones. 

3. Atlanta - Hulu: This show is so god damn good. Hysterical, serious when it needs to be, and a sneaky incredible ensemble of a cast.