Connor McDavid Had Another Goal Of The Year Type Of Play Last Night Because He's UNSTOPPABLE

There's never been anybody like this. A god damn freak of nature. He's like Barry Sanders or Devin Hester where you see a situation where there are 3 or 4 defenders against him and you still would give the advantage to McDavid. The most skilled guy at the highest speed. Absolutely dominant. It was like a week ago that he did this

I think he's the most dominant athlete in all of sports right now. Hockey isn't basketball where the best player can dominate the ball. Connor McDavid can't have possession for like half the game the way Lebron does. And even though he has the puck on his stick for like maybe 2 mins+ per game he still dominates and produces at a rate that defies logic. He had 105 points in just 56 games last year. This year he has 30 points in 16 games. He will probably finish the season with a minimum 150 points. When Patrick Kane won the MVP and scoring title in 2016 he had 106 points. There hasn't been a guy to finish a season with 150 points since Mario Lemieux in 1996. 

The craziest thing is...McDavid isn't even the leading scorer on his own team. That honor right now goes to Leon Draisaitl. They are mid 90s Jordan and Pippen and if hockey was as star dependant as basketball then the Oilers would win a 6 championships too probably. It is incredible to watch. I hope ESPN and TNT show America what's up this year because McJesus is a once in a generation type of talent that people should watch as if they're watching Tiger Woods.