Move Over, Tim Tebow: The Texans Are Switching "Rare Athlete" Jeff Driskel To TE

We now have another "Tight End Experiment". Greg Olsen once expressed on Pardon My Take that he always found it ridiculous how any decent athlete was constantly trying to be made a Tightend. Greg commented that tight ends have to be both good at blocking-- and good at route running, catching. This is a much larger variety of skills than other positions. We have seen QBs like Logan Thomas, Tim Tebow, and Tyree Jackson all try to make the switch. Can Jeff Driskel do the same?

Driskel's 40 time was a 4.56, and currently weighs 238 lbs. He definitely has some of the raw talent to do it, the real question is will he be able to make up for the mentality and experience with contact many TE have. You see the catching, route running, and all non-blocking skills will probably come the easiest to Driskel. It's the blocking and hitting that will be the greatest learning curve. You see quarterbacks stop hitting in high school, it's the Jason Street phenomena. QBs aren't practicing hitting after a certain age. That coupled with having to hit at an NFL level-- now that's tough when you haven't hit since highschool. Can he do this?

I mean he is a freak athlete do not get me wrong but there is something to be said for the coordination and experience of being a sole contact affable player.

Like Tebow who is a absolute meat wagon would wiff on blocks all the time.

I mean some people just don’t know how to use their bodies to make blocks.

I wish the best for Jeff Driskel but it's a huge jump to make in the NFL. Logan Thomas is the upside, Tebow the downside.