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The Falcons and Supposed Offensive Genius Arthur Smith Have Scored a Total of 3 Points in 2 Weeks

Following the conclusion of one of the worst football games ever played and the Falcons being shut out at home for the first time since 1988, Atlanta has now scored just one more point (3) than the number of games it's played since Sunday (2). Throw in the six points the Falcons put on the board in their season opener against Philadelphia and they've scored a touchdown or less in three of their 10 games under Arthur Smith.

Sure, Calvin Ridley is away from the team right now and the Dirty Birds were also without Cordarrelle Patterson against New England. But this offense is far beyond any repair that could be done by just those two. The offensive line is atrocious, Matt Ryan is finally showing signs of his age at times — though to be fair, he has also still had games just as productive as ever, too — and the receiving corps, even with Ridley, is not what Atlanta had gotten used to having with Julio Jones on the outside.

So sure, the personnel isn't what you'd hope to have right now. But I haven't seen much from Smith that leads me to believe he's any sort of offensive genius. He's figured out that he should use Patterson as many different ways as possible, but it seems like that should have been obvious to everyone for the last decade. Other than that, the Falcons have looked mostly pedestrian when they have the football and certainly don't have any sort of defense capable of offsetting that.

Three points in two games. Outscored 68-3 in those games. Nothing but pain.

Braves are World Champs, though. Don't forget that.