Jimmy Hoffa's Body May Be Found

Fox News has learned that the FBI obtained a sealed search warrant to examine a site underneath the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City, New Jersey, where Fox Nation reported that Jimmy Hoffa could be buried. This could lead to a new dig for the remains of the legendary labor leader who disappeared in Detroit on July 30, 1975.

The location is a small plot of land that is just feet off the property line of a former mob-connected dump where it is claimed that Hoffa was buried just days after he vanished. The dump, the PJP Landfill, commonly known as "Moscato's Dump," was owned by then Genovese crime family member Phil "Brother" Moscato and businessman Paul Cappola Sr. 

The secret almost died with the last person who knew where the body was. This is a double-edged sword because something like this is so legendary you almost want it to maintain its mystery and mystique. At the same time, we now know the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa. There were always rumors that he was buried in a variety of different places, namely the 40-yard bump at MetLife stadium. Interestingly they were not that far off with it being in Jersey City. There's a chance that the Sopranos was filmed pretty damn close to where the body was buried. 

One of the craziest conspiracies was Jimmy Hoffa had the Kennedys all killed. Their feud was all time. With Biden pushing the Kennedy documents farther and farther back from being released doubt we will ever get the full story on what really went down. Did the mob kill the Kennedys? Did the CIA kill Jimmy Hoffa? Will the truth ever come out? The more answers we have the more questions arise.

The real thing is this guy definitely knew he was the last person to ever know the secret. The only way he gave it up was on his deathbed. Was it worth being a snitch? I mean I'm glad we now know because a lot of us always wondered. 

What's the next truth we find out in the 2020s?