There Was Only 1 Real AL MVP Candidate, Shohei Ohtani Is Your Unanimous MVP

In maybe the least surprising news of all time, Shohei Ohtani is your 2021 AL MVP. I think he had this wrapped up in May if we're being honest. I wrote about it all season long but the guy was incredible. He was doing stuff that we had never seen on a baseball field and he did it at such an insane level. 46 homers, 100 RBIs, .257 average, 26 stolen bases, .372 OBP. Not bad numbers! And that was just what he did at the plate. He also started an All Star a pitcher. Finished with a 9-2 record, 3.18 ERA, had 156 strikeouts in 130.1 innings. Highest winning % out of any starter in the AL too, he is incredible. He was the story of the year. He was literally doing things we can't do in the video games. This 2021 season was arguably one of the most memorable seasons by any athlete in any sport. Just think about that, the starting pitcher in the All Star game hit 46 home runs! We will never see a player like him again, ever. 

He is the Barry Bonds of today's game. People who aren't really fans of the game know who he is. Casual fans would get off the couch and go to the ballpark just for a chance to see him do something we've never seen. I have said it before and I stand by it, he's the most talented player in baseball history. No one has his skillset, and he proved it. We had always heard the rumors about how he has all these tools and can do it all, this is the season he put it all together and was able to avoid major injuries and showed us all his skillsets. The guy is unbelievable. There were games when he was hitting 100 MPH on the hill and then hitting 450 foot homers the next, no one else can do that.

This sound alone could have won him the MVP, it's beautiful. I don't know how you can't enjoy watching him play too. He runs around like his hair is on fire, goes all out every game, he's easily the most fun player to watch in the game. It was a runaway too, we knew he'd win MVP, but he blew everyone else away. Vladdy Jr and Marcus Semien had awesome years, there is no doubt, but it was always Ohtani. Always. And somehow, I still think he's underrated! He could come out and hit 50 bombs with an ERA under 3, that is insane. Just crazy to even type out those numbers. Not only is he arguably the face of baseball, he's an international star and only getting bigger. Think the voters got this one right, your 2021 unanimous AL MVP, Shohei Ohtani.