Jason Sudeikis Stars In Bizarro World 'Ted Lasso' Inspired New Foo Fighters Music Video

Foo Fighters videos have always been weird and quirky and wacky and out there, but this one for 'Love Dies Young' off 'Medicine at Midnight' may take the cake. 

From the extended anti-Ted Lasso intro with Jason Sudeikis, to the faces of the Foo Fighters morphed onto those synchronized swimmers like they're on one of those holiday greeting emails with your families heads on elves, to the "Caddyshack" inspired scene with Pat Smear - there is nothing about this video that isn't completely absurd, and I love that.

As Dave Grohl puts it in the band's documentary, 'Back and Forth', music videos are just "candy commercials" to buy the single, so why not treat em as such....

It's also cool to see Ted Lasso inspiring a Foo Fighters music video considering Jason Sudeikis says the Foo Fighters inspired Ted Lasso Season 2....

Full circle shit right there.

As far as the song - I know it may not be everybody's jam, but it is certainly mine. I love the 80's influence in the production. Listen to the band discuss it here….