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The Final Hand Of The WSOP Main Event Was Awesome, As A German High Roller Beat An Amateur From Atlanta To Win The Bracelet And $8 Million


Just an awesome, awesome final hand at last night's WSOP Main Event. The entire heads up match was great- it featured German high roller Koray Aldemir vs American recreational player George Holmes. And while most thought it would be a walk in the park for Aldemir due to his overwhelming abundance of experience, Holmes went blow for blow with him, was super aggressive, and put Aldemir to the test the entire way. Ultimately Aldemir made the call and shipped the bracelet, but it was a hell of a battle from Holmes.

On Tuesday we jumped into the studio with our friend Jake Toole, the co-host of the podcast, and he went day by day breaking down the key hands and spots that propelled him to his 67th place finish in the Main. It's a very cool look into how top professionals play and think about poker. You can listen to that here:





And then the other big WSOP news- it starts again in 6 months and we have another Main Event in 8!



Very cool. I have 6 months to learn how to fold 4 high. Can't wait.


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