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Big E Would Love To See A WWE/AEW Crossover One Day

Imagine this in a squared circle?

The Elite vs The New Day?! Two of the greatest trios in wrestling history opening that forbidden door and facing one another?! That's a WrestleMania main event if I've ever heard one….and I'm sure it's something Big E would love as well, considering he said he'd love for that crossover to happen one day. 

I think it's about as likely as DC and Marvel teaming up to make an Avengers vs Justice League movie. It's PRRRROBABLY not going to happen - not any time soon, at least - but it's still pretty fun to think about. There are so many matchup possibilities that are just amazing on paper. 

Kevin Owens vs Darby Allin? Usos vs The Young Bucks? Roman Reigns vs Kenny Omega? Cesaro vs Adam Page? Seth Rollins vs Sammy Guevara? Finn Balor vs Bryan Danielson? Rey Mysterio vs Adam Cole? They're literally endless!

It was a fun interview though, and we talked all about Big E's history at Survivor Series - which he remembers via GIFs and memes….