This Slice Of Pizza Is The Final Evolution Of Thanksgiving Dinner, And It Is Glorious

You want to know what really grinds my gears? When I hear people talk about how Thanksgiving is overrated and that the food actually sucks. 

Ummm no, mother fucker. The food doesn't suck. You just suck at making it. You overcook the hell out of the turkey, you make stuffing that is somehow drier now than it was when it was in the StoveTop box when you bought it. Underseasoned mashed potatoes. The whole thing is a mess. 

But if you do Thanksgiving food right then you've got a moist, succulent bird. You've got stuffing that has character and texture yet soft and chewy. You have potatoes that pop. You have perfectly crispy brussels sprouts. Cranberry sauce that has a tang that compliments the whole plate, but doesn't overpower everything because it's been preserved in an aluminum can in your pantry for the past 4 years. All of those things together on their own can be spectacular. But what makes Thanksgiving dinner the best is when you just mash it all up together into the perfect combination of flavors and textures with each bite. And now thanks to one crazy pizzeria in Buffalo, it has reached its final form. 

Naturally people are going to be horrified at the sight of Thanksgiving dinner pizza. The same people who are too coward to admit that pineapple is perfectly acceptable on pizza as long as the pineapple is caramelized to make it more sweet than sour. You just have these folks who are naturally afraid to try anything new because they're worried that it's going to completely ruin everything they once thought they knew about the world. 

But this is the ultimate way to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Not only do you get everything combined together into one bite, but now you also get to just eat the plate. That's really all this is. It's Thanksgiving dinner on an edible plate. As long as the undercarriage is nice and crispy enough to hold up to all those toppings, I don't see any reason why this doesn't end up in the high 8's category on average.