NFL kicking Units In Anchorman Streetfight: Who Would Win?

Here is the hit AJ Cole made to inspire this conversation.

This is a great debate. Specialists are considered the bottom of the totem pole on NFL teams. Kickers, Punters, and Long snappers are always being held to the lowest standard. For a lot of them, this means they all have insecurity issues and tend to start doing stuff like bodybuilding and learning MMA. Steve Weatherford for the Giants started that whole trend.

Kickers and punters tend to have a good amount of time on their hands at the facility, and realistically I think they spend it just getting jacked. I mean look at some of these guys. Now the question is, which kicking unit (Punter, long-snapper, Kicker) would win in a fight out of all 32 NFL teams?

Well to be honest I don't think the Raiders unit would be the best. AJ Cole isn't even jacked. I believe that whatever special teams unit has the most MMA experience would most likely succeed. Unfortunately, I do not have the stats on which long snappers know jiu-jitsu or kickers who kickbox.

I feel like kickers should all do kickboxing because I bet it's amazing for kick strength. I know these kickers run through their couple drills every day then spend the rest of the time lifting and doing hobbies. I want to see some kickers kickboxing.