Is John Feitelberg The Definition Of A Sad Man? R3hab and I Discuss On Barstool Backstage

"John Feitelberg, sad man" - R3hab

By now we all know about our friend John Feitelberg's crusade to make Sad Boy Season, and the depressing fucking weather + lack of sunlight in fall cool. 

Our guy in Chicago, Chief, is also a big fan of this time of year.

And to John's credit, its working. There are enough people out there apparently that love this time of year.

Many of us would call those people Pumpkin Spice drinking, Ugg wearing women, but it seems there's a large portion of men out there too. As evidenced by The Sad Boy 1's that John released flying off the shelves and selling out like they were a Yeezy or retro Jordan release.

That said, our guy R3hab had a very interesting question here with his song "Sad Boy". 

Keep thinkin' you're a bad boy
Always makin' me mad, boy
When I know you're just sad boy

Is the term "Sad Boy" just a synonym for "fuck boy"? 

Giphy Images.

Makes you wonder.

Check out the full interview here -

Buy the hat. It's fire.