The Quack Attack Is Back, Jack

Now this...this right here? This is an internet trend that I can get behind. The one thing I've come to realize over the past few years is that I am ancient as far as the internet is concerned. I don't get what the kids these days are doing. I'd rather take a Fulton Reed clapper directly to the sack without a cup on than learn a TikTok dance. But if we can get the kids to lace up a set of wheels and start cruising through all the malls across this great land like the Ducks?

Well then I'm all in. And the best part about it is that everybody wins. 

Think about it. When was the last time you've been in a mall? Probably years ago at this point. And the last time you were in a mall, at least half the stores were closed down. Nobody goes to malls anymore unless you need to get your iPhone screen repaired. So what better way to revitalize the mall industry than by sending millions of kids through them on a pair of blades and shredding all over the place? Speaking of shredding, this man could rip. 

So silky. Still not quite as impressive as Conway jumping over that cement truck..

But still super silky nevertheless. 

Either way, looks like everybody has their plans for their weekend set now. Happy blading.