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'The Challenge Lies, Spies And Allies' Week 15 Recap And Power Rankings - Chaos Is Officially Here After The Best Episode Yet

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months.

Kyle is a fucking idiot

But I love him. I find him entertaining. That's what I want form the show. Kyle is a fucking idiot though. So the plan was for Ruby and Sapphire to join up together and try to start eliminating Emerald just to even the numbers out and split up the teams. Yeah, it made sense. A little too late there. So during the daily challenge - which was finally a good one. Basically run people over, steal dynamite and win - Kyle decides to steal some of Sapphire's. He claimed he forgot and mixed up the two teams. Come on man, this isn't year 1. Also you pissed off CT. That's not smart. Because guess what? Now CT was out to get you and since this cast has been scared of CT so far, he can manipulate them to do whatever he wants. Not only did you piss off CT. You pissed off Tori, your new teammate who organized the alliance with CT. 

Kaycee laid out Tori

CHOO CHOO. Just wanted to include that hit. 

Finally some real house drama 

We're finally getting to the part of the season where backstabbing and arguing matters. Sure, it's still dumb as shit. Devin wanted protection from Tori because they are friends and used to be teammates. Devin's my guy, but Devin, come on man. She's going to do whatever it takes to win for herself. Just like everyone else in the game. At the same time you have Kyle for sure getting thrown in and somehow wondering why he and CT aren't friends. Dude, read the room one time. CT does this every single year to you. He's despised you being a teammate. 

Kyle's elimination move

Kyle knows he's getting thrown in. At deliberation he threatens Sapphire that if he gets thrown in as the house vote, wins and comes back, he's going to take Logan's spot. It's amazing how dumb these plays are. Dude, you have an entire team of Emerald sitting right there. I get wanting to be around CT because CT is dominant. But start picking others off before you just join him. 

Elimination and here's where Kyle was a genius 

Being the house vote isn't actually awful because you get to pick your opponent. This is where Kyle used his brain. He saw it was going to take balance and he picks Josh - known as 'The Goof' - vs Emanuel, who puts his leg behind his head and shit. Yeah, smart move. It paid off as the elimination honestly sucked. Kyle basically hung on to win because Josh can't figure it out. Felt wrong not having a physical elimination, I'll be honest. That episode was all about hatred and backstabbing and arguing. Give me a physical ending. 

He then does exactly what he said. Throws Logan back to Ruby and joins Sapphire. You can tell CT is pissed off. Emerald loses Josh, but still in great shape. Overall a dumb move. Start picking Emerald off more. 

MVP: Kyle

LVP: Tori 

Power Rankings


6. Nelson

5. Kyle

4. Logan

3. Devin

2. Emanuel

1. CT


6. Big T

5. Nany

4. Tori

3. Amanda

2. Emy

1. Kaycee