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MSU Officially No Longer A Blue Blood: Hoops Team Had To Bus To Butler To 'Help Save Money' The Same Day Mel Tucker Reportedly Got $95 Million

Hey, that's awesome. If you can get $95 million you're cooking with some gas. Michigan State football has had a good year. But that's not what this is about. This is about this hilarious and true quote from Tom Izzo.

Uhh, you're Tom Izzo. You're Michigan State basketball. Pretty sure you can say no to bussing to certain games if you want. A four hour drive on a bus? No thank you. Look at all the blue bloods across the country. You think Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and UNC are bussing to games that are longer than an hour drive? I don't think so. 

And hey, I get that Tucker is getting paid from a bunch of donors and it's not all Michigan State. But the day a $95 million contract is leaked, you have Izzo saying they need to save money. You can't make that up. All I know is, the program can't be a blue blood anymore. You can't be bussing that long. You can bus to Michigan. That's about it. Other than that get on a plane. They don't call it January, February, Izzo for nothing.*

*Still the dumbest thing in sports. When can we stop? Izzo got passed as the best NCAA Tournament coach.

Gotta think the bus ride made them play one of the ugliest games ever. Seriously, Butler/Michigan State hurt to watch. That's where we separate those who truly love college basketball to those that are going to tune in come March. When you're sitting here dying to get through Butler shot 28% from the floor. Michigan State came alive in the second half, but that first half was hideous. Mostly when they decided to let Max Christie be the best player again, they looked the part.