Anson Carter Is Going To Get A Call From The FCC After Burying Rick Tocchet With This Vicious Chirp On TNT Last Night

I'm not exactly up to date with all the FCC's rules and regulations, but I'm almost certain that you're not allowed to show a murder on television. Pretty sure you have to stick to LiveLeak if you're going to be throwing anything like that out there. So for Anson Carter to hit Rick Tocchet with the "I've seen better hands on a clock" like that?

At the very least, a manslaughter. And on the week that Rick Tocchet was inducted into the Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame, no less! 

Here comes Rick Tocchet having one of the best weeks ever. He gets inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame. He gets his tires pumped by Biz about changing the name from a Gordie Howe Hat Trick to a Rick Tocchet Hat Trick. 

And then Anson Carter comes barreling in and catches him with his head down in the corner like that. We're talking Scott Stevens levels of carnage there. Really it was no fault of his own, either. He got set up with the buddy pass of a lifetime with TNT giving the fellas some foam pucks to snap around during intermission. 

Maybe you use those pucks to play knee hockey, but you can't expect the boys to go top titty with some regulation sticks and some toy pucks. They were destined to look like pure dust from the very start. Which makes the act of even putting that target up in the top right corner even more greasy by the producers. They had to know that nobody would even come close to smacking that shit.  At least not on a week that 99 wasn't in the studio. Greasy. 

P.S. - Can't handle a foam puck for shit, but not too bad at burying the real thing.