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Maryland Fans Need To Stop Trying To Hype Up This Program Every Year, It's Dead

Another night, another upset. Well, another upset for a Big 10 team. Seriously what the fuck is going on in that conference? That's not the point of this blog. This blog is for Maryland fans. We have a complicated relationship here Terp fans. You think I hate your team. I do. But that's not why I say the things I do about your program. It's because I can actually see it for what it is. I tweeted this on April 3. 

Two close wins against Vermont and GWU and now a loss to George Mason. Hmm, let's look at what the problems are here. Oh right. Lack of creativity on offense. Lack of truly being good defensively, no matter how much Fatts looks the part on the ball. Fatts and Wahab are big names. But they didn't fit what Maryland truly needed. They masked it because people saw some empty stats and didn't realize what Maryland would be missing. Hint: Darryl Morsell would be pretty important right now! 

Now let me explain the dead program line. They are never going to get better. Good chance they just lose in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament again, no matter what seed they are. This is who Maryland is. They have the 'hype' all the time, only to make the same mistakes. They have the same problems year-in and year-out. Lack of creativity, lack of true development and then hoping someone (Trimble, Cowan, etc) can bail them out late. Maryland missed the chance to get away from Turg and didn't. Now it's fine if this is who you are. But you can't go around screaming about disrespect or anything like that. You will always be this the way the program currently is constructed. 

Oh and George Mason is going to be a good A-10 team. Kim English is a fucking awesome coach. I don't want to take anything away from them here. They went in and took it to Maryland. The fact is Maryland has been exposed all year. Where do you see the jump happening? Hint: it's not.