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Max Scherzer Flexed On Everyone With His Trophy Filled Background Last Night During The Cy Young Presentation

Even though he didn't win his 4th Cy Young last night, Max Scherzer still may have won the night. They were interviewing each nominee and they flashed over to Max Scherzer at his house and all you could see here his 3 Cy Young trophies and his replica World Series trophy. Right in your face, you couldn't not look at it. Everyones attention went right to it. He had to set it up like that on purpose right? Like "oh, these old things? Yeah, just moving some stuff around and decided to place them right back here until I find a permanent home for them." But we all know how he is and he isn't shy so I'd also like to think it's an intimidation tactic. He knows he's the best and he wants to show you those trophies and shove them right in your face. And we have to mention the booze on the other side, we saw how he celebrates in the playoffs we know he puts that to use. 

Scherzer ended up finishing third in the Cy Young voting but again, I think he won the night with his setup. Knowing how he is and how he competes you know he wanted to win it just so he could add another one for the ceremony next year, hell he'll probably want to cover that wall in awards and have them falling off the bar. He loves reminding everyone how damn good he is and how many trophies he has, hard to blame him. Reminds me of John Calipari with the random framed jerseys sitting in his living room.