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Ukrainian Soccer Fans Turned A Russian Flag Upside Down As An Insult To Putin, But Bosnia Thought It Was Serbian Flag So They Attacked The Ukrainians In A Classic Mix Up

Fucking Europe, man. All these fucking countries have blood feuds that have lasted since the fucking middle ages. That is one thing that I learned about Europeans from traveling a bit and working for a company based in Poland for 5 years before going full-time at Barstool....ALL of those countries hate the other countries. Even the countries who have been allies for the last 100 years or so like UK and France fucking hate each other. It's not a surprise that the Bosnians attacked the Ukrainians by accident. They were probably itching for a fight anyways and they saw the flag of their most hated neighbor and it was on. 

Honestly though, this is on the Serbians. It's their fault. They've only been a country since 2006. They knew all the flags in the world by that point. A quick google search would've let them know that they were just a mirror image of Russia's flag and that's probably not a country you want to be closely assosciated with at this point. Sure, Russia has been their friend historically. The great protector of the Slavic peoples. BUT...Russia is that friend who sucker punches the guy in the bar because he accidentally bumped into you and spilled your drink. They had to know this could happen. When you're forming a new country it's a clean start. I mean, not bring up another country that Bosnia and Serbia fucking hate, but look at what Croatia did when they got to be their own country for the first time since anyone can remember...

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A weird ass checkboard shield thing with some random houses or something that looks sort of like a crown. THAT is branding. That is creativity. That is how you announce your presence on the world stage with a message that says loud and clear to the rest of the world "WE ARE NOT RUSSIA AND YOU CAN HAVE YACHT WEEK HERE AND FILM GAME OF THRONES ON OUR SHORES". You turn that flag in any direction and you're not mixing it up with any other country. Serbia needs a rebrand. Maybe let my guy Donnie Does…do it. He was just in the Balkans. He is creative. New flag for Serbia that clearly says "We are not Russia, but we will still probably fuck you up and we smoke unfiltered cigarettes". Something like that.