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Checking In On The Rams Super Team: Matt Stafford's Wife Had To Apologize For 'Chucking A Pretzel At A Fan' During The Niners Game

Sometimes you see a story and don't even have to get witty or 'clickbait' (I really hate that term) in the headline. Sometimes you just see Matt Stafford's wife chucks a pretzel at a fan. That's enough for me. Here's what I don't get though, there's no video. It's 2021 and you're around Stafford's wife. SOMEONE has to have a video rolling at all times. Let's see the arm. Need to see if she was any better than her husband on MNF. I'm going to guess she hit her target, most likely because Matt sucked against the Niners. 

My biggest problem however? Simple. Don't waste a pretzel. Pretzels are an ELITE snack, especially at a stadium. Get a little cheese with it, have it salted the right amount and you're in heaven. There's a reason there's an Auntie Anne's everywhere. You get that smell, you see the pretzels sitting there and you're ordering one. Throw some peanuts as overplayed as that is. Chuck a hot dog, especially if there's ketchup on it. Ketchup is gross. Whatever you do, don't throw a pretzel. 

I do wish she doubled down. I get it. She had to 'apologize.' But lean into the fact you're turning into a heel. You're not the beloved Lions quarterback's wife anymore. Just admit you were in a shit talking fest and couldn't handle it. Admit you wanted to chuck the pretzel. Hell, even say you hurled it at that person's head. It was no moment of weakness. Warn anyone that if you're going to talk shit about Matt to you, be prepared to catch some stadium food. As goddamn annoying and insufferable Jackson Mahomes is, he at least doesn't give a shit. Same goes for Brittany Mahomes. I almost (ALMOST) respect Brittany Mahomes for doubling down on all her shitty takes and screaming. But then I remember how annoying she is. 

Kelly Stafford is a true ride or die type wife. Just own it and we'd be really cooking with some gas here.