Kirby Smart's Halftime Speech Against Florida Is the Most Football Guy Shit You've Ever Heard

I'm not sure there has been a school in recent memory who has done more of a 180-degree turn in the demeanor of its head coach than Georgia going from Mark Richt to Kirby Smart. Richt was the wholesome, Christian man who some UGA fans even thought was good to a fault. And then Georgia hired Smart, who gives speeches like this.

That tirade came at halftime of a game the Bulldogs were winning 24-0, by the way. He wasn't trying to get his team motivated to come back from down two touchdowns in the second half. They were cruising. Smart is actually just that insane.

I hate how much I love this speech. It's everything you want out of your team's football coach.

"It's zero to fucking zero and you make them never want to play again. All that shit they're talking? I love it ... You don't say shit to them. You just laugh and point at the scoreboard ... Don't say shit to their undisciplined ass! Because we are disciplined. And our ass is gonna kick the fucking shit out of them. Physically, I wanna break them. I'm talking about fucking breaking these bitches on defense and offense!"

I actually did a double take when I heard that last part. What a line. And this recording doesn't even include whatever was said in the beginning that made somebody in the locker room start recording, which I'm assuming was pretty good, as well.

As much as it sucks, it really does seem like Smart is right when he says this is Georgia's year. I haven't seen a team in college football this year that's capable of beating the Dawgs — and that includes Alabama and Ohio State. Their head coach certainly has the attitude to get it done this year. We'll see if the team follows suit the whole way.