Philly Caller Stays On The Radio After Being In A Hit And Run Just To Shit On Ben Simmons

The Sixers got their dicks kicked in last night in Utah. I mean there's not much they can really do about it at the time with Embiid out of the lineup. There's especially nothing they can do about it when they shoot 6/29 from deep. So between the injuries and obviously the whole situation with a certain baby back bitch refusing to play, the Sixers have now racked up a cool 5 losses in a row. 


Naturally there are going to be a few frustrations building up amongst the fans. You want to know what you don't want to do when you're frustrated?

Sit on the side of the road waiting for the cops to show up after you're involved in an accident so you have to take down names and information. Deal with insurance agents while you try to put in your claim. Worry about the insurance companies dicking you over. The whole process is a pain in the ass, and all you want is to vent about how much of a sack of shit Ben Simmons is acting like. 

If that means you just sit there in your car after being involved in a hit & run to make sure that you get to complain about Ben Simmons on the radio, then you just sit your ass in the car after being involved in a hit & run to make sure you get to complain about Ben Simmons on the radio. Plain and simple. You don't hang up to go chase that scumbag down. You don't get out of your car and risk losing bluetooth connection on your phone. You don't call the cops. You don't do anything but get your point out on the air that Ben Simmons is a prick. 

Maybe if this were some other city where the fans don't care. Maybe if this were any other city where the teams aren't the life force behind the fans. Maybe if this were any other city, you'd care more about your car than shitting on Ben Simmons. Our biggest flaw, you ask? We simply care too much.