Joe Flacco Returns: Will He Be Elite for the Jets When He Starts This Sunday?

This is a huge move, keep Zach Wilson off the field as much as possible and let him learn. Joe Flacco isn't the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. The Dolphins are a very good team, last week we saw how well they were able to gameplan for Lamar Jackson, basically running cover 0 and blitzing heavily. Even if Zach Wilson was healthy it would be a recipe for disaster to put him in a position to have a Mr. INT game coming back. Who knows how in shape Flacco is. This is going to be one of those games that are either going to be legendary or an absolute shit show. It is crazy how we have totally tossed away Mike White. Saleh is starting to realize New Yorkers are nuts.

Everybody who anointed Mike White wasn't looking at his 405 yd-3 td-2 int game analytically.  No one wanted to say it at the time but that 400 yard game against the Bengals was really 300 YAC. Jets fans got blinded by hope and thought Mike White was going to be the solution. I am now blaming the Jets' woes on Gary V just because I can.

Gary V probably told Saleh some crazy shit like he needs to sell NFTs of Jets Qbs' interceptions.

I am pretty surprised Josh Johnson who got in late against the Colts did not get too much consideration. The guy has been in football so long I want to see him get a start and a real chance. I guess when you are paying to bring Flacco in you might as well get your money's worth. Everyone is talking about this Dolphins defense as we need a genius like Joe Flacco to figure it out. I wonder if Flacco still has it. I mean can he still throw absolute bombs against this Miami cover 0. I know the Dolphins aren't going to play the Jets the same way they played Lamar, but you got to think Flacco is going to be taking tons of hits and he's pretty old. Do we have a contingency plan for him getting hurt? 

Another week of trying to be optimistic.