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I Am Officially Angry With Notre Dame Fans On The Internet

I wrote this blog on Monday outlining ND's path to the playoff. The more I think about it the more likely it becomes in my head. Oregon needing to sweep Utah seems like a tough climb. Georgia finally seems to have the gas to knock off Bama. Notre Dame's road to the Playoff is opening up like the Red Sea. It's not just in my head either. Math nerds say the same thing

College Football twitter is going to go up in FLAMES if this happens and I am here for it. Three playoff appearances in four years is an incredible run for the Irish. Brian Kelly has brought the Irish back. They're in the mix, by definition, for the National Championship every year. Including this year which by all accounts was supposed to be a rebuilding year since they lost a 3 year starter at QB (replaced by a grad transfer and true freshman who didn't play his senior year of HS because of Covid), they lost 4 starters on the offensive line, they lost a Butkus Award winner, the most physical blocking TE in the nation, their defensive coordinator, and most productive wide receiver. This year was a youth movement and the Irish are on the cusp of going 11-1 and heading back to the playoff. That is an incredible accomplishment. They've gotten better every week this year. It's been great to watch. Credit to Kelly, Rees, Marcus Freeman, and the rest of the coaching staff. Like I said in the uNDefeated blog back in August, Notre Dame is now a program, not just a team. When you're a program you should want to compete against the best so I am surprised by the amount of times I've been asked this question by Notre Dame fans

Like…what the fuck

Beat Michigan in a fucking exhibition game or have a chance at a National Championship? I know the playoff games have been ugly lately. I know the Irish haven't won a "major" bowl game since 1994. I know throttling Michigan would be fun. That should NOT be the goal. I mean Jesus Christ, be a competitor one time people. 

Pete Sampson, a guy I am still angry with going back to 2018, put out a poll and the results are absolutely disgusting

This poll shows that 72% of Pete Sampson's followers are GIANT LOSERS. I am stunned. Even though I don't like Pete Sampson personally, I would say that he is the best guy covering Notre Dame football. I think this is a probably a pretty good indicator of the overall fan base's feelings. They are NOT my feelings though. They're not even Jeff D Lowe's or the Double Vodka Don's

The three of us are aligned which made me think that maybe Sampson has cornered the market of pussy ND fans so I decided to put out my own poll to see if there was a great discrepancy between my audience and his. The answer…not really

Still very early in the poll while working on this blog, but right now it is roughly 60-40 in favor of tummy sticks in Arizona against Michigan. I just can't accept that. How beaten down are these LOSERS that they're afraid of playing for a National Championship? Yes, Georgia looks awesome. Yes, ND will likely be a BIG under dog. No, you shouldn't just opt out of competing against the best. I mean with that thinking the Irish should just drop down to the FCS. Fuck it. Just play lesser opponents and get Ws, right? Have an annual Catholic Championship against Holy Cross or Villanova. I mean what the fuck are we talking about here. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME--Herm voice. You play to be the best. To beat the best. If you die trying then so be it. Get them next time. And next time is coming. The Irish are going through a youth movement right now. The recruiting has never been stronger. You want this big game experience. You want to measure yourself against the best. You want your program to believe and know that they belong in the same conversation with Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, and (historically) Clemson. Don't let the haters turn you into a GIANT pussy who is afraid to play against the best. Anywhere from 60-72% of the fan base fucking SUCKS right now and it's up to the rest of us to carry this group out of a mediocrity mindset and back to the elite.