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Nelson From "The Challenge" Reportedly Got Knocked Out In A Vegas Casino After Talking To Another Man's Wife

TMZ- Nelson Thomas was not up to the challenge of a pissed-off husband -- cops say the MTV star got knocked out cold after chatting up a married woman in Las Vegas!!! According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Nelson -- who's starred on "The Challenge" for years -- says he met a woman at ARIA Resort & Casino and started talking to her at the valet area, and then ... WHAM!!! Next thing he knew, Nelson was being awakend by someone telling him he'd just been punched in the face and had his chain stolen.

Cops say they saw video backing up that account ... showing Nelson talking to the woman before the knockout punch put him on the ground -- and the assailant socked him one more time.

On social media, Nelson claimed he was attacked because someone was trying to steal his $10,000 chain, but the woman's husband, Kevin Dixon, tells a different story. According to the police report, Dixon copped to the punch ... and said Nelson was talking to his wife in an elevator -- but when he walked off, his wife stayed on and kept talking with Nelson. He says he lost sight of her and was trying to text and call her, then found her at valet talking to Nelson. Cops say he admitted being jealous, mad and drunk -- a bad combo any night in Vegas.


Now look, there is nothing I love more when watching The Challenge than seeing drunken debauchery end with a couple of people getting into a brouhaha. In fact, that's 90% of the reason I watch the show followed by 9% for the eliminations that are hit or miss in terms of entertainment and 1% for the actual challenges. Hell, CT built his reputation as the most terrifying man in reality TV simply from the times he pounded Adam's face like a chicken cutlet.

And of course the Bananas Backpack

However, seeing this violence spill outside the tightly controlled atmosphere of The Challenge just feels wrong. If Nelson gets his ass kicked for messing with a lady who is in a relationship with a billion MTV cameras around, that is to quote the great Omar Little, all in the game. But there is nothing fun about getting sucker punched in a casino and then getting your chain snatched for good measure, no matter how much or little you respect the sanctity of marriage. 

I love busting Nelson's chops for things like not knowing the capital of Texas despite the fact he lives in Austin or being super over the top with motivational speeches, or straight up creating words/phrases.

But nobody wants to see someone like Nelson get his face smashed in, even if he can promote it on his Instagram in order to get a deal from a nose doctor.

#brokennose made me lol

The biggest spinzone in all this for Nelson outside of the discount nose job is that he's obviously popular enough to get a TMZ write up about his nose being broken, which is something I didn't think would be the case for anybody currently on The Challenge outside of CT. So congrats to Nellie on that and hopefully you get a real deal W on The Challenge one of these years.

P.S. There's no chance anybody would have dared sucker punch Nelson if his boy Cory was there, considering he beat West Point graduate Captain Cons in an arm wrestling contest once upon a time.

You know I had to make sure this video got into the blog somehow. #RIPInPeaceNoQuitters