Kevin Hayes Scores His First Goal Of The Season, Immediately Points Towards The Sky For Broadway

Kevin and the Hayes family have obviously been through a horrible tragedy that unfortunately so many others in this world have gone through in recent years. And to make matters worse for Kevin, he wasn't immediately able to turn to hockey as an escape due to injury. In some ways I'm sure it was nice for him to be able to spend time with his nephews. But he missed the first month of the season after undergoing abdominal surgery. 

But tonight, in his 2nd game back of the season and first game in front of the home crowd, The Best One got on the board. And he immediately made sure to thank Broadway for the assist on that one. 

What a moment that must have been. A quick sense of relief from everything that he's been through over the past few months. Had to feel great for The Best One. And has to feel great to be able to keep Broadway's spirit alive every time he puts one in the back of the net from here on out. Only a matter of time before the floodgates really open up and he goes on a tear. 

P.S. - Definitely feels like it was meant to be with his best bud Johnny Hockey in the building tonight.