Just A Reminder That This Is Barry Bonds' 10th And Final Season On The Hall Of Fame And It's A Joke He Won't Get In

Buckle up everyone, this is the last ballot that Barry Bonds will be on for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The debates leading up to the vote once the official ballot is out will be wild, and Barry Bonds will be the main talking point. If you remember last season, no one got to the 75% level needed to get voted into the Hall Of Fame, very pro baseball writers like to do that. Bonds got his highest % last year at 61.8, up from 60.7% in 2020 and 59.1% in 2019. He's been slowly creeping up but it's highly unlikely he'll get that 75% this year and will be dropped off, and that's a damn joke.

I don't have enough time to run down his entire resume and why he should be in the hall, you know he should be. But just for shits and giggles here is his MLB reference page. 

That is a lot of numbers and they're all really good. You can't look at these numbers and say that he isn't Cooperstown worthy, because he is. His career from 35 on is HOF worthy, again you can't dispute that. Say what you want about the steroid allegations but we can play by the letter of the law, he never tested positive for anything. The cream and clear, he didn't know what they were! But anyways, the fact that the MLB writers have held this grudge against him for 10 years now is just nuts. Barry Bonds gave every baseball writer dozens and dozens of articles during his prime years, they made a ton of money off him and his home run chase to 762, and they continue to hold this grudge to keep him out of the Hall. They had no problem putting in other alleged steroid users in the Hall, but guys like Bonds and Clemens are where they draw the line. 

They are the most stubborn people in the world, they hold grudges better than Taylor Swift. Will he get in eventually because of the Veterans Committee? Probably, who knows if they'll even do it while he's alive. I'm still fully expecting the voters to put in Pete Rose the second after he dies. Bonds was a Hall of Famer before he allegedly started using anything and deserves to be in Cooperstown. It's a god damn museum for gods sake. You can not tell the story of baseball without him. But because Peter Gammons and those other clowns want to keep him out, he won't get in and is most likely going to be dropped off the ballot. He's the best baseball player we've ever seen and it's not particularly close. These guys don't vote for the best players on the ballot, they vote for the guys THEY think should be honored and enshrined. They make up their own criteria and standards. The whole thing is so overdone and annoying now. 

I give credit to the teams that had brought guys like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds back into baseball and given them jobs, they've opened their eyes and decided to let them back into the brotherhood. People have forgave them for whatever it is they may have or may not have done. It seems like everyone has, except the newspaper writers who made money off using them for headlines in the 1990s. Bonds is going to drop off the ballot in a few weeks and it's a shame because he should have been in the Hall 10 years ago. Steroid use or not, he should be in. Can't wait to read all these articles and columns about how he deserves everything he has gotten over the past 10 years because of what he may or may not have done. 

Guy is the best player in the sports history and should be honored as such. Now here's his homer into the way upper deck at Yankee Stadium.