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7 Of The BEST Christmas Movies On Streaming

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1. It's a Wonderful Life - 97/100 - Prime Video, USA: Black and white movies aren't for everyone, and I will never fault someone for not giving them a try. But this movie is an all time classic for a reason. It is a phenomenal story that is about as heartwarming as can be, and resonates just as much now as it did 80 years ago. 

2. Home Alone - 92/100 - Disney+: A classic Christmas movie that is a must-watch this time of year along with it's sequel. The rest of the sequels, though, can get put into a meat grinder for all I care. Including the newest one, Home Sweet Home Alone. 

3. Christmas Vacation - 91/100 - HBO Max: It makes me sad knowing that Chevy Chase is such an asshole because god damn do I love his movies from this era. 

4. Elf - 90/100 - HBO Max, Starz: Elf came out when I was 10 and hit me right in the Q zone. Solid kid humor, some adult humor that I understood more when I rewatched when I was older, and an introduction to Will Ferrell before I really understood SNL. Beyond watching this, I would also highly recommend watching the Netflix series 'The Movies That Made Us'. They have an episode on the making of both Elf and Home Alone that are really cool. 

5. Klaus - 89/100 - Netflix: This is a newer animated movie that really blew me away. The animation style is cool, the story is fresh considering the source material, and I liked the voice cast. 

6. A Christmas Story.- HBO Max, TNT: This movie rightfully scared me out of getting a BB gun when I was younger. However, it didn't stop me from getting an airsoft gun and shooting my brothers eye out with that. 

7. Jingle All The Way- 71/100 - Disney+, Prime Video: There is something beautiful about watching a christmas movie revolving around a mattress salesman who is obviously german named Howard Langston try to save christmas for his son. You can't make that shit up! Although, I guess someone literally did.