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A Legitimate Hero Saved 2 Dogs, A Cat, And A Rabbit From A Burning House With Nobody Home That He Noticed Was On Fire As He Was Jogging Past It

WJHG- A California family is crediting a jogger for saving their pets and home from a fire that started while they were out of town. When the Polito family installed a Ring doorbell camera, little did they know that a total stranger would use it to save their home and precious pets. The family from Scotts Valley, California, was out of town when a man ran up to their house and rang the doorbell. They were able to connect through the Ring camera.

“Hello, do you see there’s smoke coming out of the top of your house?” said the man in video of the incident. The family’s garage was on fire, and through the camera, Courtney Polito could hear smoke alarms going off. She gave the man the code to get inside to rescue their two dachshunds, a rabbit and a cat. He also called 911. Because of the jogger’s actions, the fire was contained to the garage. There is smoke damage throughout the house, damaged cabinets and destroyed Christmas presents.

But Courtney Polito says if he hadn’t been there, they would have lost everything. “The fire department said 10 more minutes and the house would have been gone,” she said.

Blogger's Note: You guys know I usually don't like throwing a video from a newscast or a show like Inside Edition in a blog unless I have do, but I felt like this dude needed to get the shine he deserves for being a hero and I couldn't find the actual Ring video anywhere 

We throw the good H word around a lot these days, usually reserved for someone that helped get us a backdoor cover or brought Gatorades for the house on a hungover Saturday morning. But the guys in this video is a first ballot, capital H Hero in every sense of the word. The reason the Self Checkout line at the grocery store is longer than the line for a cashier is because nobody wants to deal with other humans anymore, which I completely get as someone who has been using Self Checkout from Day 1. To randomly walk up to someone's house when you see some smoke coming from it is nice. Contacting them through their Ring and going full Jose Canseco in The Simpsons to save four furry family members is quite another.

Top 5 Simpsons episode ever if not Top 3 or Top 1

Which is why I am throwing this out there right now. I will simply not allow the internet to do what it usually does and dig up dirt on this guy like it does for anyone who does a good deed. Actually let me take that back. Unless this Hero gets outed as the guy who gave birth to COVID-19 or did something so horrid that we can't even publish it on Barstool, he has a Get Out Of Internet Jail from myself and everyone else here at Barstool. I won't even hold it against this guy that he kinda looks like Rovell since it clearly isn't Rovell since we would've heard about how much the #brand of the company on his shirt benefitted from being worn by a good samaritan going viral. If you go out of your way to save four furry family members, you deserve the full blown Hero treatment.