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UPDATE: Child Actor Mac Jones Went to Modeling Camp and His Talents Knew No Bounds

Earlier today I brought you this latest revelation from America's newest superstar, who it turns out is not so "new" afterall:

When I wrote that, I confessed to being surprised at how there are still things about this man we are just now learning. I mean, when you think about it, he's been in the public eye for a while now. He went through the NFL draft process, where you think you find out everything there is to know about a person, from how he responds to questions that would get your face punched in at a bar to the size of his hands. And yet, as we peel back the layers of the Mac Jones onion, we keep finding more layers. 

Since my post went up, published this update:

On his weekly appearance on WEEI, Jones was asked about his first and worst jobs before making it to the NFL, and the answer surprised hosts Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria.

"First job was probably just like doing yard work for my dad. At first, I obviously did it for free, and then eventually me and my brother were scheming him up for some money," Jones said. "Then worst job, I mean I used to be a child model and actor or whatever. That was fun."

While Jones said there were a few commercials that are out there, a handful of pictures resurfaced around the NFL Draft, including his interview with ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit. 

He told Herbstreit that his parents never pushed him towards sports specifically and wanted him to try different things, so he hit the runway and did photoshoots as a kid. 

Here's a clip:

Look at that versality! That range! That ability to go from one outfit to the next, one dance partner to the next. To not just play all these different characters, but to become them. From Kid in Jorts Dancing with Bandana Girl to Kid in Khakis Dancing With Girl in Fancy Dress and Holding a Flower. He's like a young Christian Bale, changing his appearance to inhabit the people he's portraying and fleshing them out. 

Now that we've seen part of his life as a Child Model Camper, is it any wonder how he's managed to be so successful in football? Facing a pass rush of Myles Garrett on one side and Jadeveon Clowney on the other can't be all that intimidating when you've faced the perilous journey of a walk down the runway. Going from the RPO-heavy Alabama offense to the complex, route combo-centric Erhardt-Perkins system used in Foxboro can't be nearly as tough as transitioning from Red Shirt Kid to White Shirt Kid. And there can't be a secondary in the SEC or the NFL as daunting as the challenge of getting the moves right with Fancy Dress Girl, who comes off as a real high-maintenance handful. Running a huddle full of future 1st round wideouts all looking for the ball must be child's play once you've figured out how to handle the egos of those Modeling Camp divas. 

To echo what I said earlier about his child acting career, let's all be grateful we didn't lose Jones to the Model Life. We all saw enough future human trainwrecks on "Toddlers & Tiaras" back in the day to know that way lies madness. And if you can survive that world with your mind, body and spirit intact, then you've faced the worst life can ever throw at you. And there's no way you're going to fear getting blindsided by by a 310 pound tackle once you've stared down the people judging the way you wear clothes, walk, smile and swing your arms to music. 

This kid is going to rewrite the quarterback record book, then in 25 years or so, go back and take over the modeling world. You heard it here first.