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Staged or Real: Laura Ingraham's Brain Short Circuited After Her Guest Referenced The Netflix Series 'You,' Leading To a Modern Version of 'Who's on First'

Today we had this viral clip of Laura Ingraham's brain short circuiting after this dude referenced the Netflix series 'You.' A modern version of 'Who's on first' was born for the internet's pleasure. I couldn't possibly be less interested in politics but that clip gave me, chuckle on first watch. Then you watch it a few more times and it becomes more and more obvious how staged it all was. Other than to produce clicks, which it feels like they don't need to do, why would Fox News make their people look that stupid on purpose? 

Then again....


Back to the 'You's on first' real/fake debate, you won't believe it, but the internet is naturally in disagreement and the political hardos are going at it on the Twitter machine. I will say the guy on the broadcast, Raymond Arroyo, defending it this way below did give off a suspicious vibe. 

That's such a bad admission that it was scripted I'm almost inclined to believe it's real again.

Maybe the funniest thing to come out of this though was my least favorite person in the world Keith Olbermann going to the ends of the world to defend the bit and even admitting he dated Laura. 


Woah, just take it easy Keith it's gonna be okay. We get it, you dated Laura Ingraham. Why chose this moment to admit that to the world I'm not entirely sure, but we hear you loud and clear. 

Anyways, I actually enjoyed Season 3 of 'You.' Nice bounce back from a shitty second season. Give it a watch. 

Obligatory Austin Powers and Rush Hour 3 clips to close it out.