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Rex Ryan Tore Into Jets HC Robert Saleh: “Don’t Ever Compare Me To This Guy”

Former J-E-T-S head coach went on ESPN Radio and blasted the performance of the current New York Jets head coach, Robert Saleh after the team’s humiliating 45-17 loss on Sunday to the Buffalo Bills.

“This is a horrendous defense,” Ryan said on the DiPietro and Rothenberg show. “This guy is supposed to be a defensive guru. I heard everything, and I take it personal on this one. Everything I heard was about ‘Well, this guy is a lot like myself but without the bad part.’ Yeah? Well, some of the bad part you need because this team doesn’t play with any damn heart. That’s the thing that’s disappointing to me. Don’t ever compare this guy to me, this Robert Saleh to me.”

Rex is the gift that will never stop giving. 

The man is still a hero in his own mind, and perhaps he actually is. I mean he took the most pathetic organization in the National Football League and made them somewhat relevant for the time he was there. He managed to put together some half-decent teams under one of the worst ownership groups in sports, with a horrendous front office. And he somehow, someway, walked into Gillette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs, and took down a Tom Brady Super Bowl contending Patriots team with Mark fucking Sanchez under center.

He will without a doubt etch that accomplishment on his tombstone.

So maybe he does have the right huff and puff about this year's Jets team, and rookie HC Robert Saleh, being mentioned in the same sentence as him?

I mean, I don't recall anybody comparing Robert Saleh to the greatest Jets head coach of all time before this season began, and maybe it was all in Rex's head, but even if it was, he heard it, and he's fucking pissed.

Wanna know why? Because for the last month the Jets have been exceptionally awful. The team has allowed opponents 1,890 yards over this 4 game span. That is the most ever allowed in franchise history over a four-game stretch. 

The Jets have also allowed 175 points over that span, which is the second-most by any team since the merger (1970). 

They are also the first team since the 1966 Giants to allow 45 points or more in three of four games.

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How do Jets fans do it?