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Minkah Fitzpatrick Tests Positive For COVID And The Sky Is Falling In Pittsburgh

One tiny step forward (TJ Watt being OK) and another giant step back with this one. So now two of your most important players in Minkah and Big Ben are on the COVID positive list. Yikes. So coming off the Lions nightmare we'll head to LA to play the Chargers without the QB of the defense and possibly TJ Watt and Big Ben. 

Just as the season was taking a turn for the really hopeful and positive, it starts to crumble back down starting with Big Ben's positive test on Saturday. There is no positive you can spin out of all this besides Minkah and Roethlisberger's COVID tests. How far does it go now? Minkah just played the full game yesterday. So he was in huddles, on the bench, in the locker room with everyone likely already having COVID. Now does everyone get tested? Who else will show up on the list? Might as well take TJ, Cam Heyward, and Joe Haden while you're at it. Sheeesh. 

Being a fan friggin' BLOWS sometimes.