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Don't Worry You Weren't Having A Stroke, Draymond Green Actually Sounded Like Charlie Brown's Teacher On All Of Our TVs Tonight

I felt like I had to publish this blog so millions of people didn't crash the WebMD servers worried about their brain's oxygen levels after hearing Draymond turn into Charlie Brown's teacher.

We've all been there, Patty

At first I thought Eli was just pranking Draymond as he plugged his podcast because Eli is the sneakiest trickster this side of the demigod Maui. But after watching it again, I have to wonder if this was ESPN censoring Draymond for shouting out his podcast that just so happens to be on former ESPN'er Colin Cowherd's network. The channel formerly known as the Worldwide Leader wouldn't pull a petty ass move like that for someone that agreed to appear on their airwaves, would they?

*Thinks about everything we know about the people of Bristol, CT*

Giphy Images.

However since I can't prove that from almost certainly being a stone cold fact, I suppose there is a chance that Draymond was just running low on battery since we've seen what happens when his juice hits 0.

Still one of my favorite random videos on the internet ever

While I'm here, never go on WebMD to diagnose yourself with a disease because it's always the worst one and your brain will trick yourself into thinking it's experiencing every other symptom listed. Just drink more water and try to get some sleep.