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It Appears That NFL Players Are Now Ducking The Manningcast Because They Are Scared Of The Manningcast Curse

OK, so I can't actually prove that NFL players are ducking the Manningcast since I don't know any active NFL players. But you can't tell me that it's a coincidence that there are no NFL players on tonight's Manningcast a week after the Bills loss to the Jaguars proved once and for all that the Manningcast is not only real but it is powerful.

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Now the question everyone is asking is where does the Manningcast curse go tonight? Does it follow Draymond Green to the hardwood to make the Nets a mortal lock against the Warriors tomorrow, does it live inside of Philip Rivers ready to give him an 0-1 record when he inevitably signs with an NFL team for the playoff push after their starting quarterback goes down, or does it grow more powerful as it waits for whatever NFL player is brave enough to sit in that Zoom box next? 

As always, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the dark arts but I think we can all agree that a responsible amount of money is waiting to be bet on the Barstool Sportsbook against the team of the brave NFL player looking to talk pigskin with the Mannings on Monday night next.