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Carlos Correa: "Derek Jeter Didn't Deserve Any of the Gold Gloves He Won"

A lot of people are watching this clip of Carlos Correa seemingly trash Derek Jeter and saying he can never be a Yankee. I'm seeing a lot of "well, looks like his meeting with Cashman didn't go well." I'm seeing this the complete opposite way. If you want to cater to Brian Cashman's brain, the easiest way to go about that is to disparage Derek Jeter. Aside from maybe A-Rod, there's no one Cashman hated dealing with more than Jeter. He was recently asked at the GM Meetings about the time he wanted to move Jeter to the outfield and you could feel the agony of that memory creep back into his soul. 

Pissing off Cashman with Jeter slander? No shot. You're actually just singing his favorite song. Now you wanna talk about a team who is basically out of contention with this clip? The Miami Marlins. I'd say the team owned by Derek Jeter is not going to give $250+ million to the guy going out of his way to talk shit about Derek Jeter. I actually thought the Marlins were a great fit for him considering the youth movement we've seen take place down there over the last few seasons. Their plethora of young pitching either already here or on the way might be the best in the game. It's time for them to make a splash offensively in the free agent market. Correa fits perfectly and would serve as a much needed veteran star to help lead this surge of youth down in Miami. Well, all of that is seemingly gone now with that clip if Jeter gets his eyes and ears on it. 

As a Yankee fan does it bother me anytime someone talks shit about Jeter, even if partially true? Oh yeah without question. I would die for Jeter don't get me wrong. Would it dissuade me from wanting to sign this 27 year old gold glove shortstop? No, I'm not in the position to be picky about which top free agent superstar shortstop I want on this team. I knew Carlos Correa was an asshole way before watching that clip. He's one of the more arrogant pricks in sports and that's not changing. Fact of the matter is he's really good at baseball and would bring an edge to a team that desperately lacks one. I prefer Corey Seager, but if Correa is the move and the locker room is fine with it then I'm on board. Let's just leave the Jeter slander at his defense please. Anything further and we'll have issues.