Do You Like The Smell Of Your Own Farts?

I ask for a couple important reasons. First is we're drafting smells today on Dog Walk and I think it's one of those weird categories that really hits. And after the 2nd round things become really subjective, which opens the doors for some good or bad picks. The more creativity is demanded, the more things can really go off the rails. 

No spoilers but body smells will be discussed at some point. And to me there's no more distinct odor than dropping some good old fashioned ass. I'm not begging you guys to dust a mason jar and keep it sealed for safe keeping. But I do think a Sunday morning dutch oven with the down comforter is kinda funny. Cutting one and then sourcing the odor to the food item will always get a laugh from me 

oh my god that's the beef & broccoli 

Some of you guys - about 1,300 at present moment - think I'm a certified monster for even posing the question. I think that's weak sauce. Deep down you appreciate your own work. It's human nature. Like how they say you instinctively love your own children unconditionally. I think that same goes for a lot of people and their farts. Not everyone's a good parent so I'm not holding this theory to all of you. But it definitely checks out. I've done the math. 

Speaking of numbers, we're back to voting on the Snake Draft poll. There was a stretch where Social Media Danny had to manually count the votes by hand. Basically one step above an abacus and a stone tablet for scorekeeping purposes. It's my professional opinion the resurgence of the numbers is going to breathe a competitive edge into the draft. Perfect time with all the holiday topics lingering. 

Don't be the odd man out. 

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