Matthew McConaughey Gloriously Explains What Makes Pickles So Great The Way Only McConaughey Knows How

Some folks might look at pickles as just some slices of acidic brine soaked cucumbers that they peel off of their burgers. Other folks, much like myself, view pickles as a necessary staple of our daily diet. A delicious treat that you can just pop open a jar of and enjoy with nothing more than a fork. 

Kosher pickle, dill pickle, bread and butter, sweet, spicy, you name it. Take a quick shot of the brine to start your day and your engine is revving the rest of the way. 

But very few people on this planet are able to give pickles the origin story they truly deserve. And by very few people, I really mean one just person. And that's McConaughey. Because nobody else is able to string the words together to make us realize that pickles aren't just brined cucumbers, but rather pickles represent the story of life. 

They tell the story of growth and evolvement over time. They tell the story of growing older in age, maybe a little weaker in stature, but stronger in character. You're not eating a pickle, you're eating the journey. The kind of shit that hits home when you're staring down the last remaining days of your 20s and you realize you're officially washed up. But just like the cucumber evolving into the pickle, you've got more to offer now. Because like McConaughey said, cucumbers ain't shit. I mean guy ROASTED cucumbers there. All hat no cattle? Tough to ever be able to survive those ricochet shots. 

Sidenote: This is the optimum amount of pickles to throw on a sandwich. More places gotta start loading up the picks.