Texas Had Its Own Recruits LAUGHING When Kansas Beat the Longhorns on the Final Play

Remember all the way back to October 9, when No. 21 Texas (4-1) had a 41-23 lead on Oklahoma with just a couple minutes remaining in the third quarter? It seemed like the Steve Sarkisian era was going to be off and running in Year One. Well, the Longhorns ended up losing that game. And the one after that. And the one after that. And so on, with a fifth straight loss coming at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks in Austin this past Saturday.

In football.

KU had a lead as large as 21 points, though it ended up taking a two-point conversion in overtime for the Jayhawks to secure the win. But once they did, Texas had its own recruits on visits to Austin literally laughing in the face of a football program which is decidedly not back.

I'm no recruiting coordinator, but I'd imagine there ain't a facility in the country that's going to get the kind of players Texas expects to be landing when you bring them on a visit and have them watch you get your shit handed to you by Kansas at home. The barber shop next to the practice field isn't doing much at that point.

I can't believe this program is moving to the SEC. Has someone told them they'll be replacing Kansas and West Virginia on the schedule with Georgia and Alabama? Best of luck, Longhorns.